Echo Response – Triangles Review

Band: Echo Response
Album: Triangles
Label: Earsplit
Genre: Prog Rock/Reggae/Funk
Country: USA
Release Date: March 18th, 2022
For Fans Of: Khruangbin, Pink Floyd, Permafunk

Every now and again, despite the name of this website, non-metal records work their way in. I say this as a way of setting the tone for this review; nothing can ruin a listening experience quite like having misplaced expectations. This is not me saying “metal heads need to expand their musical horizons” (lord knows we’ve probably heard that enough times). If you are reading a review on this website, it is reasonable to assume that you want to read about metal albums.

Triangles by Echo Response is not a metal album. I’m still scratching my head as to how this one landed in our pile, but I’m not complaining. This record is 11 tracks of instrumental indie-funk/reggae/prog-rock noodle-ings that are ultimately delightful once I got past my initial shock of this not being metal. If you’re a prog-snob who has a fine appreciation for the rock side of the progressive genre, then this album might be something to consider.

One of the most impressive aspects about this record is that it is all accomplished by one man, Jason Ingalls. This isn’t just a guitar, bass, and drums ordeal; we’re talking saxophones, flutes, some horns, and even a vibraphone. I found that I was in just as much awe with that as I am with the multitude of one-man black metal projects. These aren’t instruments that are easy to pick up and doodle a few notes; it’s evident that Ingalls has spent time with these instruments, as the execution is solid. Every now and again, something doesn’t quite line up, or maybe feels just slightly off, but these are things that more experienced musicians might notice, and it’s not enough to be distracting.

As much as I hate using this descriptor, there is a certain “vibe” to the album. To my ears, it feels like relaxing on a beach at night while contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos above. Perhaps that’s a bit vague (or oddly specific), but that’s where my mind takes me. Every now and again, little snippets here and there will remind of bands like Pink Floyd, then the reggae influences come back, and then a soft funk groove will happen. Triangles wanders, but never so much that feels too experimental. In all truth and reality, I kinda hoped it would be a little more bizarre, really blurring the lines between genres and experiments.

To reiterate, this album has a splash of everything except metal. From jazz, to funk, to reggae, it certainly makes for an interesting listen. Almost something I’d expect to hear at a college recital. Going into this will make the overall experience much more enjoyable and perhaps, intriguing. Despite my initial expectations, I found myself enjoying the change of pace. It’s made a nice “palette cleanser” before I dive into the next review.

Rating: 7/10


  1. The Approach
  2. BIFAR
  3. Two Triangles
  4. One Door Opens
  5. The Mountain
  6. Quite The Curious State
  7. Sixteen Sunsets
  8. Circular Spaces
  9. Detectives
  10. Morpheme
  11. Rayquaza

Total Playing Time: 42:41

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