Community Manager Wanted

Metal Utopia is constantly trying to expand their operations, and we’ve reached a point where having a Community Manager can serve as a stepping stone towards new heights. We’ve developed a wide network of contact with promoters, employing many reviewers to write about upcoming music. Along with this, we try to regularly interact with our readers and bands on social media, but since most of us work as reviewers, we can’t quite fully commit to this activity. So we believe YOU could give us a hand and help us grow further and becoming the best metal website we can be. Do you think you have what it takes?

What do we need from you?
– Good English, first and foremost
– An open mind and a passion for metal music
– A friendly attitude – Metal Utopia values its sense of community
– Some previous experience or knowledge about community management. We don’t need you to be pro, just to have the right idea what you’re supposed to be doing.
– Loving what you do. If you’re the kind of person that loves hanging around and communicating on social media, this is the job for you.

What does the position entail?
Basically, interacting with the metal community on social media under the name of Metal Utopia. Besides monitoring our current activities this means proactively seeking out opportunities to interact with the wider metal community. Be active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, maybe even Reddit. For instance, it would mean following a wide range of bands, labels, metal sites or any other popular location where metal discussion takes place. Participate in discussions, comment on other posts, make our own posts and so on. For instance, comment on news about upcoming albums or tours and so on, even general metal happenings. Basically, the idea is to build profile, to make the name recognizable, so people see us again and again on social media and think “hey, these guys are pretty cool and know their metal”, which would hopefully result in them visiting our site.

What can we offer you?
– We’re all volunteers here and the same would apply to you. But let my try and convince you about all the pros:
– A great, supportive community within Metal Utopia to discuss music or whatever else
– A chance to interact regularly with the wider metal community with some sense of purpose
– A chance to gain experience with community management
– Other neat things that Metal Utopia can offer, such as free entry to gigs, courtesy of our promotional partners, access to early promos of upcoming music and hey, if you want the possibility of writing reviews and interviewing bands

If any of this interests you, don’t hesitate to contact us at promo [at] metalutopia.com. We look forward to hearing from you!