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One comment
  1. Chris

    Dear Metal Utopia,
    My name is Chris. I happened upon your site as I love metal, and like discovering what’s out there. This is one of the most user friendly sites that I’ve seen, and easiest to navigate, which is what drew me in. I love the critical analysis, and the humor that your writers inject. I’m currently working on a writing career, and I’ve listened to metal almost all of my life. I especially love digging into the dark recesses of the metal world, and finding obscure bands that offer something unique. When I was a kid, I bought a cassette tape of a band I’d never heard of, just because of the artwork. No one had heard of them, and years later I’d come to know how legendary and impactful Bolt Thrower would be. I’m 44 years old now, so I had the luxury of being exposed to and witnessing some of the older ones in their day, when the whole thrash/ death metal thing started. This gives me some unique insight if your site was to ever feature a ‘Where are they now’ column, or even a section devoted to showcasing and reviewing an obscure band from days of old, that maybe a lot of people don’t know about. Most mags and sites focus on the new and upcoming, and current, which is awesome. But there are some real jewels out there that could add a refreshing air, and complement the incredible format that your site already has. I would love to contribute in any way I can. Thanks for your time,


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