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Upcoming Albums – September, 27th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Josh is looking forward to DragonForce’s Extreme Power Metal, and Druadan Forest’s Dismal Spells From the Dragon Realm:

DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal

Folks, these are dark times. And while it may be easy to be cynical about DragonForce’s continued push towards over-produced, ultra-clean, nostalgic-as-hell brand of power metal, I for one look forward to giving this thing a listen. Will it be interesting? In all likelihood, no. But will it be fun and will it make you want to dance and reminisce about the time you almost got 100% on Through the Fire and the Flames on Guitar Hero? Oh, hell yes.

Druadan Forest – Dismal Spells From the Dragon Realm

I guess I’m on a dragon theme this week. I have been really digging this (re)emergence of dungeon synth and symphonic black metal lately, and Druadan Forest’s last album, The Lost Dimension, has been a regular for me these past weeks. I’m excited to give this a spin.

Leon is looking forward to Borknagar’s True North. Hellyeah’s Welcome Home, and Runemagick’s Into Desolate Realms:

Borknagar – True North

Borknagar lost some key members since the last album (founding member Vintersorg and drum prodigy Baard Kolstad), but these guys are legendary in the Norwegian scene, and for good reason. I don’t doubt they’ll put out another killer record despite setbacks.

Hellyeah – Welcome Home

Do you miss Mudvayne, Pantera? Are you ok with replacing them with not even toungue-in-cheek hillbilly metal? Yeah, I don’t know why I even put this here.

Runemagick – Into Desolate Realms

These guys have been making killer death doom since the 90’s with a relentless work ethic. This is their 13th album in about 20 years. You do the math.

Rutger is looking forward to Vorna’s Sateet palata saavat:

Vorna – Sateet palata saavat

This Finnish band releases their third album since 2013 and honestly, it’s symphonic black/folk of the top shelf. Beautifully melancholic atmospheres, alternated by intense black metal passages. This record is definitely worth checking out.

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