Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – September, 25th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Rutger is looking forward to Deftones’ Ohms, Dystopia’s Geen Weg Uit, and Emyn Muil’s Afar Angathfark:

Deftones – Ohms

About four years after their previous album, Gore, Deftones release a new record, called Ohms. Based on the singles, the band’s sound has evolved even more, following the same trend as Gore. I’m really excited to hear the full record.

Dystopia – Geen Weg Uit

Dutch black metal band Dystopia have been around since 2005, and after a great full-length from 2017, they release their follow-up Geen Weg Uit (No Way Out in Dutch) this Friday. What characterizes their sound is the use of brass instruments in their compositions, which definitely make it worth to check them out.

Emyn Muil – Afar Angathfark

Emyn Muil is an Italian one-man project that combines black metal with dungeon synth. His music is (as the name suggests) inspired by Tolkien’s universe. The two singles for his third full-length are promising and so I’m looking forward to hearing the full album.

Sean is looking forward to Uada’s Djinn:

Uada – Djinn

Uada makes melodic black metal exactly the way it should sound. With two incredible albums behind them at this point Uada look to continue their trajectory towards the top of the underground. This band is fucking incredible and if you’ve been asleep the past few years and missed the previous albums and make sure to check this one out

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