Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – April, 9th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Chaz is looking forward to Kauan’s Ice Fleet:

Kauan – Ice Fleet

They’re a blackened post-rock outfit from Russia. It’s an atmospheric opus about a doomed geological expedition. And it comes with a 40-page tabletop RPG to live out the story. How could you not be curious?

Leon is looking forward to Phlebotomized’s Pain, Resistance, Suffering:

Phlebotomized – Pain, Resistance, Suffering

Known mostly for their weird avant-garde death metal output in the 90’s before breaking up in ’97, Phlebotomized returned a couple years ago still unwilling to compromise on their unique sound. This EP contains everything you’ll want from them.

Nathan is looking forward to Les Chants du Hasard’s Livre Troisième:

Les Chants du Hasard – Livre Troisième

Orchestral music with black metal flavoring. This album is surprisingly intriguing and emotional.

Rick is looking forward to Blaze Bayley’s War Within Me:

Blaze Bayley – War Within Me

Blaze Bayley is a name that probably every metalhead remembers… and not with love, probably; I doubt that his albums are anyone’s favourite Maiden records. Due to such precedents I wasn’t eager to listen to this album, yet I have seen more people than expected talking about it, so now I’m slighty more curious to check it out. We’ll see.

Sean is looking forward to Inoculation’s Celestial Putridity:

Inoculation – Celestial Putridity

More death metal via one of the best labels putting it out, Maggot Stomp Records. Inoculation make crushing, riff heavy death metal with a cosmic twist. The band is super technical without sounding overproduced or robotic. If you like things like Blood Incantation or Demilich, then this is an album for you.

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