Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – April, 30th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Chaz is looking forward to Evile ‘s Hell Unleashed:

Evile – Hell Unleashed

Evile is back after 8 years to unleash hell with 40 pummeling minutes of unrelenting, unrepenting thrash punishment!

Leon is looking forward to Ungfell’s Es Grauet, and Bunker 66’s Beyond The Help of Prayers:

Ungfell – Es Grauet

Switzerland’s answer to Peste Noire, thankfully without the fashy bullshit. Folky melodic black metal yet as filthy as the dark medieval ages it thematically deals with.

Bunker 66 – Beyond The Help of Prayers

Old-school blackened speed thrash calling back to Venom, Hellhammer and interestingly more than a bit of neo-Darkthrone. Last one was pretty decent so I’m keen on checking this one out.

Sean is looking forward to Gojira’s Fortitude, and Vreid’s Wild North West:

Gojira – Fortitude

I’m usually not one for huge bands like Gojira, but something about what they do works for me. They are a band that just keeps putting out consistently good music and I don’t see any reason why this album should be any different.

Vreid – Wild North West

A band that can’t miss, Vreid are one of the most underrated melodic black metal bands around. They are a band that should be considered right there with the likes of MGLA and Uada, but they havn’t seemed to gather quite that level of fervor yet. Hopefully this new album can put them over the top.

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