Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums 12/8/23

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Dimmu Borgir – Inspiratio Profanus

Yeah, I know. But also, this is an old legend putting on makeup, getting drunk and dancing around, and I think we need more albums that are made for fun and celebration. Also, some of the songs are pretty good. I especially appreciate the cover of Perfect Strangers.

Unmothered – Corridors

Gothic hard rock, but slowed down, with spooky vocals, and big riffs that border on sludge sounds. Also an album full of fun and celebration, but this time it’s the best release of the week.

Six Foot Six – Beggar’s Hill

Some tight power/heavy metal from Scarlet Records. Nothing new, but there’s enough meat on the bone to fist pump. Sometimes I just want something pure and straightforward, and Six Foot Six fill that niche well.

Slow – Ab​î​mes I

Absolute funeral doom legends. The shear size of this record is overwhelming. The glib thing to say is that it’s their best record since Dantalion. While that may be true, this is so much more than a shadow of past releases. Here’s to many more.