Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – May 26th 2023

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Jared is looking forward to:

Cloak – Black Flame Eternal

The third full length release from gothic/black metal group Cloak, courtesy of Season of Mist.

Trold – Der Var Engang…

Joining the pantheon of troll-themed folk metal bands is Denmark’s Trold, with their debut full length.

Kostnatění – Úpal

Dissonant, chaotic, raving black metal from Minnesota. Sounds like an anxiety attack.

Speedwhore – Visions Of A Parallel World

Some sick blackened thrash from the ever-consistent Dying Victims Productions.

Kalmah – Kalmah

The swamp creatures return once again with their 9th full length album of epic melodic death metal.

Mournful Congregation – The Exuviae Of Gods Part II

Funeral doom masters Mournful Congregation following up with the sequel to last year’s EP.

Nathan is looking forward to:

Arrival Of Autumn – Kingdom Undone

Some intense metalcore from Nuclear Blast. An album that just flies by.

Inherus – Beholden

Long, doomy, and thought-provoking: Exactly what you want from Hypnotic Dirge.

Vermillion Whiskey – Crimson & Stone

Outside of having a great band name, Vermillion Whiskey gives us some excellent southern metal-ish rock.