Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums 12/1/23

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Cryptosis – The Silent Call

Bionic Swarm was a delightful release, so I was excited to see this pop up. Hoping for more full-lengths from this project soon, but I’ll take whatever I can get.

Helfró – Tálgröf

This is the second full length release from Icelandic black metal outfit Helfró and is out on Season of Mist. There has to be someone somewhere who thinks that “Icelandic” is just a word meaning “high-quality” based on how people talk about the Icelandic black metal scene, and whoever that is will not have the illusion shattered by Helfró. This is exactly what you’d expect, just performed at a high level. Fantastic album.

Walking Corpse – Our Hands, Your Throat

Some labels have a sound, and Transcending Obscurity is one of them. Walking Corpse is grindcore super-imposed on that sound. It’s a bit odd at first but works quite well. Also, the cover art appears to be the guy from the new Dying Fetus album but from a different definition and after a few unhappy minutes have passed.

Into Darkness – Cassini – Huygens

It appears that this release actually came out a while ago, but it’s being reissued in a new format so onto the list it goes. A surprise quality album from a death metal band with a decade of back catalogue to jump into. Always a good time.

Malicious – Merciless Storm

Another EP from Invictus Productions. Another quality death metal release I wish was longer.

ORO – Vid Vägs Ände

Big music that Hammerheart Records describes as “apocalyptic.” This sludge/post metal release deserves the time it demands.