Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – February 10

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Oak – Disintegrate

Oak is a Gaerea side-project, and one that’s making some very different death/doom music. Disintegrate is their second album, and is a massive single track that wanders back and forth next to a precipice of darkness for the entire run-time.

In Flames – Foregone

I know. But even after twenty years, this is still In Flames, and I still have to pay attention. The band has maintained the riff-writing ability that made them one of the most important melodeath bands ever, and they’re actively trying to incorporate some of what made them good into this record. From the interesting acoustic intro, Foregone promises to at least be worth your attention.

Fredlös – Fredlös

Some Swedish dark folk that has stayed in the back of my mind since I first heard it. Emotional and engaging.

Dragoncorpse – The Drakketh Saga

Power metal plus deathcore, with that band name and album art, seems like it will be an annoying gimmick. Instead what we get is a solid EP with some crazy moments that takes the worst excesses of both genres and makes something new out of it. Highly recommend giving it a shot.

Cadaver Shrine – Benighted Desecration

Cadaver Shrine released a promising demo last year, and now fulfill that promise with their debut full-length. This is some dirty and pummeling death/doom, and I enjoyed every minute of it.