Albums On Repeat – February 2023

These are some of the albums that we’ve been listening to the past month!

Jared is listening to Spiritworld’s Deathwestern:

Spiritworld – Deathwestern

A record that almost passed me by last year if it wasn’t for my boy Erik from Bonginator who turned me onto this one. This record is a perfect balance of ironic charm and unrelenting riff destruction, combining the traditional thrash metal of Slayer with the earth-shattering mosh riffs from hardcore punk and modern death metal. The production on this record is just massive, and despite being stylistically simple, it’s always a blast to listen to.

Rick is listening to Enforcer’s From Beyond:

Enforcer – From Beyond

I am incredibly pumped-up for the imminent release of new music from Enforcer, one of, if not THE most interesting band of the new wave of traditional heavy metal. To better prepare myself I have been re-listening to their previous albums and it is safe to say this has been my favourite of the whole lot. So much energy, it truly gets you going.

Nathan is listening to Paysage d’Hiver’s Das Tor:

Paysage d’Hiver – Das Tor

Brilliant, ethereal atmospheric black metal from one of the masters of winter. A perfect blend of ambience, murkiness, and the ferocity of metal.