Album of the Month

Albums Of The Month November 2023

Here are our favorite releases of November 2023:


Diviner – Avaton

Greek heavy metal band Diviner is back with an album filled with memorable choruses and catchy hooks. The Dio-esque vocals framed by chugging guitars will have you headbanging in no time.


Xoth – Exogalactic

A frenzied blend of technical, melodic, and traditional death riffs create a wild ride for listeners in the new release from Xoth. It’s a dark sci-fi adventure filled with thunder and lasers and impressive, clear performances.


King – Fury And Death

Fury and Death is, like its cover art, powerful, epic, and authoritative, utilizing harmonic frameworks that never cross into camp, and a forceful brutality that hits hard and gives a satisfying, clean finish.


Convocation – No Dawn for the Caliginous Night

I said this was the best funeral doom release of the year and gave it a near-perfect score. In other words, not a difficult decision. This will show up again soon when we do our favorite releases of the year.