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Album of the Month – November, 2019

Every month we collect our favorite albums of the month. Here’s the playlist with our favorite songs:

And here are our favorite albums of November:


Schammasch – Hearts of No Light

This has been one of my most anticipated albums of the year and damn, did it overcome my expectations! Like always, Schammasch knows how to please their fanbase, while still being completely free to experiment. The record is diverse, with raw black metal, ominous piano parts, and parts that are more like rock, definitely a contender for my AOTY-list!


Bednja – Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas

A stellar debut. Great production. Great riffs. Great atmospheres. Great everything. Some really good albums this month, but out of all of them I ended up listening to this one the most.


Lindemann – F & M

A few months after one of the best albums, in my opinion, released this year, Till Lindemann returns, along with Peter Tägtgren, and the result is F & M. I found the first Lindemann album, Skills in Pills, to be a good one, although not that exceptional. But this time, since I heard the first single, Steh Auf, I was immediately struck. German lyrics, catchy industrial riffs, choruses sometimes on the verge of madness, and lots of keyboards. Definitely in my top ten AOTY. Skills in Pills was somewhat dull. F & M is more; more Rammstein, more Tägtgren. More Lindemann.


The Drowning – The Radiant Dark

This morose album is a standout doom metal release in a year with some impressive competition. The Drowning use space to their advantage, as the quiet and silent moments only highlight the heaviness of the rest of the album.


Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond the Dark

The artwork was what originally drew me in (given that it was obviously done by the legendary Mariusz Lewandowski) and the music itself made me stay for the full ride. Phenomenal atmospheric black metal with plenty of post, prog, and subtle folk influence that collectively left a mark on my soul. This record made listening to other records a challenge because I just wanted to go back to this mammoth.


Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas

Haven’t had the chance to listen to it a lot yet. I’m a big fan of Travis’ melodic vocals. Lots of blast beats, quite melodic. Also, you can definitely hear some black metal elements. I really liked the apocalyptic atmosphere. They definitely refined and expanded their sound. Great record.


Obsequiae – The Palms of Sorrowed Kings

When I reviewed this earlier this month, I was not expecting to travel to another time and place. This album has established itself as a quality album and a contender for year-end lists.


Into Coffin – Unconquered Abysses

Into Coffin have been evolving since their last full-length release, and they have been dropping hints of what was coming with splits and an EP. Unconquered Abysses is Into Coffin at their peak, crafting long compositions that shift tempos and holds your attention with incredible Death-Doom.

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