Album of the Month

Albums Of The Month January 2024

Here are our favorite releases of January 2024:


Vitriol – Suffer & Become

The second album from Portland’s blackened-technical-death metal band Vitriol was everything I hoped it would be, packed full of blisteringly fast riffs and suffocating atmosphere. I saw these guys when they toured with Exhumed and they blew my mind, it’s so exciting to see them get the recognition they deserve.


Resin Tomb – Cerebral Purgatory

Biting and aggressive death metal. Resin Tomb have everything going for them to create a listening experience that feels good. I enjoy the riffs, I enjoy the sound, I enjoy the cohesion, and I can’t wait for more. This is a smooth, complete album with almost no blemishes.

Advocacy – The Path Of Decoherence

Advocacy’s release, on the other hand, has some significant blemishes, and they affect my enjoyment of the album upon repeated listens. The production feels off and takes me out of the music. Despite this, I find myself returning to The Path Of Decoherence quite often. The album feels immense, and the effort that went into songwriting oozes out of every song.