Album of the Month

Albums of the Month April 2024

Here are our favorite releases of April 2024:


Antichrist Siege Machine – Vengeance of Eternal Fire

In a strong month of April, my AOTM is a record I didn’t expect to be so high on, but here we are. I was never the biggest war metal fan, but with Vengeance of Eternal Fire they have transcended the war metal genre and made something truly remarkable for extreme music, and totally won me over in the process. This thing is monstrous.


Full Of Hell – Coagulated Bliss

Full Of Hell haven’t missed yet. I wrote more thoughts about Coagulated Bliss when it came out, but this thing has teeth and a bold vision. Full Of Hell continue to do whatever they want, and even when they try something that doesn’t quite hit it remains interesting.

Inter Arma – New Heaven

Inter Arma stretch out to the sky and bring down magic from the clouds. They reach into the ground and pull up deep-rooted sounds. On New Heaven, they continue their streak of authenticity and power. Other bands get defined by who they sound like, but Inter Arma gets defined by who sounds like them.

Replicant – Infinite Mortality

Nasty piece of work death metal whose goal is to be as unlistenable as possible but sound extremely groovy doing it. Replicant come from the Gorguts school of music, and they’re doing a great job of it.