Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums 12/15/23

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Myaelin – Naesekhnaetri

Happy last I, Voidhanger day of the year. This is weird black metal with a psychedelic tinge, or vice-versa.

Feral Forms – Premalignant

That dude is having a bad day. Fits the music, which sounds too rambunctious to really be disso-death, but also is definitively plenty dissonant.

Revulsed – Cerebral Contamination

Precise death metal from Everlasting Spew. Contains some gnarly moments, but also more than enough straightforward bludgeoning for those with that preference.

Freeways – True Bearings

This one actually came out a few years ago, but apparently it’s being re-released by Dying Victims Productions, which is awesome. If you missed this 70s rock worship when it first came out, you’re in for a good time.