Album of the Month

Albums of the Month – June 2023

Here are our favorite releases of June 2023:


Wytch Hazel – IV: Sacrament

Wytch Hazel has done it again! If you’ve never heard the band, think NWBHM with medieval influences. There are also obvious nods to bands like Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath in the music. Their fourth album charms with beautiful melodies, intricate guitar work, and an overall positive vibe that is difficult to find in heavy music.


Saturnus – The Storm Within

One of my favorite bands of all time released their first album in 11 years, the week of my birthday. Is it really any surprise that I love it? Read my review for more fawning. Doom for life.


Thy Catafalque – Alfold

The band’s newest release isn’t as difficult to listen to as some of their older albums, but it is worthy of standing alongside them. Thick, full, and unafraid to venture into the weeds, Thy Catafalque always feels good to listen to.