Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – July 7 2023

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Jared is looking forward to:

Anti-Sapien – Calculating Obsolescence

NYC deathgrind debut. I’ve seen these guys live and their set was a riot, definitely looking forward to hearing this one.

Fen – Monuments To Absence

Fen are one of those bands I just never got around to listening to, but maybe this new record will be a good opportunity to start.

Blackbraid – Blackbraid II

Yeah, it’s already time for round two.

Froglord – Sons Of Froglord

The Frog Lord is back with another frog record. Ribbit.

Nathan is looking forward to:

Gutslit – Carnal

Some nasty, independently-released deathgrind from India. Definitely worth listening to if you like music that hates you.

Mammuthus – Imperator

Another independent release, this time stoner doom. One of those records where the guitar tone is more important than everything else combined. Check it out if you’re into that.

Nuclear Dudes – Boss Blade

Outside of having impeccable art, this powerviolence (sort of) debut from Modern Grievance Records is exactly as serious and introspective as you’d expect from looking at the cover.

Will Haven – VII

Brooding and emotional hardcore from a band that apparently only I had never heard of. Oh well. If you are late to the train like I am and like some extra angst in your punk, enjoy.