Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – July 14th

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Rick is looking forward to:

Aetherian – At Storm’s Edge

Solid melodic death metal from Greece; the country alone is more than enough to get me interested in something, as lots of good metal is coming from there these days.

Tailgunner – Guns For Hire

From the band name to the album cover, everything here screams NWOTHM – and the music, from what I’ve heard, delivers. This is just how I like it. As a bonus, Olof Wikstrand from Enforcer is credited under engineering: sounds like quality is assured.

AmongRuin – Land Of The Black Sun

Yes, melodic death metal from Greece again. As I said, this information is often enough for me. But in this case I’ve been loving the singles since I’ve heard them too.

Scream Maker – Land Of Fire

In the singles that I’ve heard there’s a hint of AOR inside the classic heavy metal that makes it sound a bit light-hearted and enjoyable, simply perfect for when you’re on holiday in the summer. Curious to hear the full thing now!

The Night Eternal – Fatale

Does anyone here remember Brocas Helm? As soon as I clicked play on a single from this band, it was the first thing that popped in my mind. Sure, there’s some Candlemass influence here and there too… heavy and doom-ish, the perfect mix.

Nathan is looking forward to:

Ascendancy – A Manifest of Imperious Destiny

I am always appreciative of some good blackened death. This is a shorter release that left me looking out for the band’s next impact.

Cavalera – Bestial Devastation

The Cavalera brothers obviously had a fun time re-recording Bestial Devastation and Morbid Remains from their early Sepultura days, and the result is some wild and aggressive times. Are these better than the originals? I don’t really care, too busy headbanging.

Djinn-Ghül – Opulence

Dark and claustrophobic death metal. If you don’t like deathcore or industrial, this one may not be for your, but if you can handle those genres then this is a must listen.