Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums 10/6/23

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Carnifex – Necromanteum

There is a time and place for deathcore played straight. Hoping Carnifex can nail it.

Svalbard – The Weight OF The Mask

Svalbard’s last release “When I Die Will I Get Better?” was an utterly excellent album that was also quite painful to listen to if you pay attention to the themes. I have no idea how they can follow that up, but their skill and passion make this worth the attention.

Forndom – Alster

This is a recreation of Fordom’s 2020 release as a solo piano piece. It works better than you think and gives a new dimension to some music that’s always worth exploring again.

Sangre de Muérdago – O Vento que Lambe as miñas Feridas

This is not even remotely related to metal, and also it actually came out in April. But it’s being released on vinyl today, so it showed up in my promo list anyways. I am extremely thankful that it did because I feel in low with this beautiful forest folk release immediately. This is a success under any possible artistic measure and should be far, far more popular than it is.

S.C.R.A.M. – The Inner City

Also not even remotely metal, and also I don’t care. This sounds like the contemplative soundtrack to an introspective movie too tired to tell jokes.