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Album of the Month – August, 2020

Every month we collect our favorite albums of the month. Here’s the playlist with our favorite songs:

And here are our favorite albums of August:


Ulver – Flowers of Evil

Black metal may have faded from Ulver’s rearview mirror, but plenty of amazing art lies on the road ahead. A sonic followup to their last album, Flowers of Evil finds Ulver ruminating in dark, melancholic synth. This band can seemingly do no wrong.


Cytotoxin – Nuklearth

Cytotoxin presents their fully mature sound, delivering high quality songs without relying too much on standard brutal death metal tropes, instead driving the music with full confidence in their own style.


Necrot – Mortal

This record is like a good classic hamburger. No “instead of pickles, we use radishes”. They are the textbook definition of Death Metal. The extras they offer like odd-time riffs or harmonized leads are a welcome surprise like good fries and shakes.


Concrete – Free Us From Existence

An audio hand grenade filled with aggressive blackened hardcore. Riffy, groovy, heavy and more heavy. The kick in the face we all needed this month.


Necrot – Mortal

Necrot continues to set the standard for contemporary old school death metal with Mortal, a blistering yet refined followup to their acclaimed debut release Blood Offerings.


Ulver – Flowers of Evil

A profound feeling of anxiety and distress, transmitted by electronic sounds that manage to be soft yet cold, at the same time; that’s the magic of this album. Ulver maintains the experimental path it’s been walking on for years, and provides us again with another great album: harsh distorted guitars may be gone – but the feeling remains.


Ulver – Flowers of Evil

Though technically not metal anymore, the fact that Ulver started out as a black/folk metal band makes their current musical style all the more surprising. Almost totally electronic, the storytelling on their new record is intriguing and the music perfectly fits the lyrics. Definitely worth a spin.


Primitive Man – Immersion

2020 is a fucking depressing year and this album captures the mood perfectly. A trimmed down version of the band’s previous album, Immersion continues with the crushing doom the band is known for. This is the heaviest thing you’ll hear this month.

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