Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums September 1, 2023

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Jared is looking forward to:

Imperial Crystalline Entombment – Ancient Glacial Resurgence


Egregore – Synchronistic Delusions

Black/death/grind debut from Utah.

Nathan is looking forward to:

Crucible Of Hate – The Unknown Path

Thrash on the heavy side from an independent group that’s been around a while. They deserve a chance.

Reverence To Paroxysm – Lux Morte

That band logo isn’t very helpful in figuring out how to spell “paroxysm.” Also, this is some death metal on the slower side with a focus on atmosphere instead of riffs. While there are dozens of albums every month that fit that description, this one made some tunes that stuck in my mind.

Gendo Ikari – Rokubungi

FUCK YES new Gendo Ikari! This band makes some great grindcore/power-noise-stuff. I guess this is technically their debut full-length, although it’s barely over 25 minutes. In any case, if you like grindcore you’ve already listened to this, but on the off-chance you haven’t I’ve been having a great time here. Another independent band as well.