Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – August 25 2023

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Aawks/Aiwass – The Eastern Scrolls

A psychedelic/stoner doom split from two groups I’ve never heard of. Recipe for disaster, but this one works well.

Asphodelus – Sculpting From Time

Sweet death/doom with some massive atmosphere and good lines from Hammerheart Records.

Blood Money – Complete Execution

Not actually a new release, this is a compilation of music from NWOBHM band from that was last seen in the 1980s. The music is still great though, and this may be the best way to hear it.

Sheperds Reign – Ala Mai

Some good, unique sounds from a Polynesian band that go their own way. This has energy, creative songwriting, and great moments.

Exmortus – Necrophony

I vaguely remember seeing this band open for Amon Amarth several years ago and being quite impressed. Their music isn’t going to shatter the limits of what music can be, but they generally have some fine tunes and a good experience.