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Upcoming Albums – October, 22nd

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Leon is looking forward to Green Lung’s Black Harvest, Seven Sisters’ Shadow of a Fallen Star pt. 1, Furze’s Black Psych Tormentor, and Waking The Cadaver’s Authority Through Intimidation:

Green Lung – Black Harvest

Green Lung dazed us with their magnificient debut “Woodland Rites” three years ago. An excellent demonstration of psychedelic stoner doom that managed to express its own particular vibe among a sea of pretenders. They better keep it up with this one.

Seven Sisters – Shadow of a Fallen Star Pt. 1

Traditional heavy metal revival is still going on full force and Seven Sisters already proved they got the chops to keep up. This one’s science-fiction themed so stargazing you go.

Furze – Black Psych Tormentor

If you like your black metal weird and experimental you came to the right place.

Waking The Cadaver – Authority Through Intimidation

I remember a long time ago when these guys used to be a meme. Putting it here hoping we might get some of that energy going again. Or maybe they got good suddenly, who knows.

Rick is looking forward to Cradle Of Filth’s Existence Is Futile:

Cradle Of Filth – Existence Is Futile

Full disclosure, Cradle Of Filth have never really been on my radar but during my recent attempts to become acquainted with black metal and its surroundings they have frequently popped up. And so I figured, why not look to the present day before dwelling in the past?

Rutger is looking forward to Exsul’s Allegoresis:

Exsul – Allegoresis

Okay, I’m actually reviewing this record, but I can already tell you that it’s an impressive EP. 24 minutes of gritty, overwhelming death metal are just what I hoped from this release!

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