Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – April 28th

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Rick is looking forward to Storm Seeker’s Nautic Force, Fires In The Distance’s Air Not Meant For Us, Ignea’s Dreams Of Lands Unseen, Flitcraft’s House At The Center Of The Universe, and Elvenking’s Reader Of The Runes – Rapture:

Storm Seeker – Nautic Force

The quest for a band good enough to compete with Captain Morgan-era Alestorm is not an easy one. Enter Storm Seeker: from what I’ve listened to, they have the potential; they are not quite there yet, but I’m willing to watch them grow and hopefully I’ll be satisfied with my need for some good pirate metal.

Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us

First I was drawn in by the band name, then by the album title. The melodic death metal with a nice touch of doom made me stay. This will be the band’s second album so just in time to watch them evolve.

Ignea – Dreams Of Lands Unseen

I’m not too big on neither prog nor symphonic, yet Igna has caught my attention. Be it the middle-eastern influences, the really good growl or the strategically-placed synths, this band has managed to get me to like two things I’m not really a fan of. Very curious to hear what they’ll make me like on the new album.

Flitcraft – House At The Center Of The Universe

Some good old hard rock/heavy metal. Sometimes you just need to pause your brain and enjoy yourself, right? Plus, I need to start working on my roadtrip playlist for the summer.

Elvenking – Reader Of The Runes – Rapture

I have a difficult relationship with this band – I constantly feel like I’m supposed to like them, given they emply all the elements I enjoy in a song, yet I never really got into them. Maybe this will be the album that I finally end up liking? Who know, but it’s worth a shot.

Nathan is looking forward to Lucifuge’s Monoliths Of Wrath, Orphans Of Dusk’s Spleen, Numeron’s Road To Valhalla, Lunar Chamber’s Shambolic Vibrations, and Defiled’s The Highest Level:

Lucifuge – Monoliths Of Wrath

Some relatively raw blackened thrash from Dying Victims Productions. This harkens back to Aura Noir while still having actual, discernible riffs and fun vocals.

Orphans Of Dusk – Spleen

I am so, so happy that Hypnotic Dirge Records is back. Spleen is an excellent, emotional gothic doom record by a band that listens to a lot of Woods of Ypres. This album that appears to be eight years in the making won me over.

Numeron – Road To Valhallac

Numeron is an Indonesian post-black group that deserve more attention than they are getting. Their music stretches out the listener and feels exhaustingly desparate, with some direct and simple riffs that serve the band’s sound surprisingly well.

Lunar Chamber – Shambolic Vibrations

Any 20 Buck Spin release is worth paying attention to. This weird and short proggy death metal release doesn’t buck that trend. I don’t entirely know what to think of it other than it’s interesting and will stick in my mind.

Defiled – The Highest Level

I’m not a huge fan of the production on this new Season Of Mist death metal album. However, I can get past that for the slithering guitar lines and heavy, puncturing drum strikes of this old Tokyo band.

Jared is looking forward to Fires In The Distance’s Air Not Meant For Us, Faceless Enemy’s Meish Myla, Enforced’s War Remains, and Lucifuge’s Monoliths Of Wrath:

Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us

Doomed melodic death metal has always been a soft spot of mine, and with genre-leaders Insomnium diverging from that niche, it’s nice to see other bands pick up the slack.

Faceless Enemy – Meish Myla

Some New England death metal kids putting out their debut record. Their EP “Gender Reveal Party” was absolutely ridiculous, and I’m sure this one will top even that.

Enforced – War Remains

One of the biggest and best bands in the underground of crossover thrash, Enforced are back with their third full-length album. “Kill Grid” from 2021 was wonderful, and their live shows are consistently killer. Check this out.

Lucifuge – Monoliths Of Wrath

Some crazy blackened thrash courtesy of the ever-consistent Dying Victims Productions.