Album of the Month

Albums Of The Month – April 2023

Every month we collect our favorite albums. Here are our favorite albums of April:


Fires In The Distance – Air Not Meant For Us

Expressive yet crushingly heavy, this melodic death doom record caught me completely by surprise and has been the perfect soundtrack to a melancholic and introspective end of the month.


Metallica – 72 Seasons

It’s not a perfect album, but I am enjoying it. Hetfield’s vocals are still killing it. Now if they could just cut down on some of those song lengths…

Bell Witch – The Clandestine Gate

A follow-up to an 83-minute song with another 83-miniute song? With two more planned? This was bound to be my AOTM even before listening to it. Gorgeous, heart-wrenching, and enough weight to crush you as you wander through self-introspection. Another masterpiece.


The Eating Cave – The Miscalculation

Sometimes I just want tech death. The Eating Cave have given me all that I could want. This deathcore…ish band provides some nasty riffs and an overall energy reminiscent of Spawn Of Possession. What a great young band.