Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – March, 27th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Ethan is looking forward to Solothus’s Realm of Ash and Blood:

Solothus – Realm of Ash and Blood

Accomplished Death-Doom dispensers return with another full length promising pummeling music to sate the savage in us all. With 20 Buck Spin giving it the tape treatment, I couldn’t pass it up.

JP is looking forward to Igorrr’s Spirituality and Distortion, and Omega Infinity’s Solar Spectre:

Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion

Igorrr is truly in a league of his own, and this new record will be filled to the brim with musical ideas and feats that will go break any and all musical norms, with countless genre influences and the utilization of many instruments and things that aren’t necessarily instruments. This record is absoIutely incredible and I expecting nothing less from Igorrr (as I listen to my pre-order that arrived early…).

Omega Infinity – Solar Spectre

Omega Infinity is a two man atmospheric black metal project that includes Xenoyr from Ne Obliviscaris. The singles that have dropped are incredibly eerie and captviating so I cannot wait to hear how the whole thing turns out!

Josh is looking forward to Temple of Void’s The World That Was:

Temple of Void – The World That Was

Look, am I a little worried about Nathan’s review of this album? Sure, of course I am. But I genuinely enjoyed Temple of Void’s last two full length albums, and I am still hoping for the same with this latest release. And you know what? Gosh darnit, as we are all facing the end times, I could use a little something to look forward to!

Leon is looking forward to Demonic Death Judge’s The Trail:

Demonic Death Judge – The Trail

DDJ’s probably Finland’s top stoner doom band right now, and they’ve been releasing superior material for over a decade now. Through their six albums, they always do a bit to switch-up their in-your-face psychedelic sludge, and this one will take you to a transformative journey down “The Trail”.

Matthew M. is looking forward to Khazad-dum’s Hymns From the Deep:

Khazad-dum – Hymns From the Deep

I actually discovered this band by accident because they have almost the same name as another death metal band I reviewed last year. This one plays funeral doom with rich, melancholic music full of despair. I’m not always the biggest fan of funeral doom, but this sounds promising. Plus, the Tolkien theme is always a bonus in my book.

Rick is looking forward to Candlemass’s The Pendulum EP:

Candlemass – The Pendulum EP

Candlemass has always had a rocky line up, particularly when it comes to singers. Last year, this band surprised me with an amazingly good album, featuring the return of the very first singer, Johan Längqvist. Now, this EP contains songs from the same recording sessions, left out from the album and presented here. With the promise of that distinguished, granitic sound and epic riffs, I’m definitely ready to be hypnotiz by the pendulum.

Sean is looking forward to Wake’s Devouring Ruin:

Wake – Devouring Ruin

Canadian grind masters Wake return with their 5th LP, “Devouring Ruin”, on Translation Loss records. Their last album put the band on the map as one of the top grind bands around. Grindcore can often be a stagnant genre without much variety, but the singles show that Wake is taking a more avant garde approach to the genre that is sure to make them stand out from the pack.

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