Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – May, 29th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

JP is looking forward to Alestorm’s Curse of the Crystal Coconut, Behemoth’s “A Forest” EP, and Bleed From Within’s Fracture:

Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut

The kings of wacky pirate metal are back to bless us with a new record this year. There isn’t really much to say other that this record is bound to be incredibly fun… Hopefully there also is a “for dogs” version of it.

Behemoth – A Forest EP

Wasn’t expecting new music from Behemoth this year at all, so this EP will for sure be a tasty treat to hold us over until the next record, which is due for 2021. Featuring a The Cure cover and a few B-side tracks that are a continuation of their previous record, I Loved You At Your Darkest, I am excited to hear what Nergal has to offer!

Bleed From Within – Fracture

For those who like their melodic death metal/metalcore hybrids, Bleed From Within is back with another blistering record. These guys fill the void in my heart left by Parkway Drive’s massive change in sound, and are very reminiscent to Sylosis and Architects as well when it comes to instrumentation. This record is going to be gnarly, that is for sure.

Leon and Rick are looking forward to Sorcerer’s Lamenting of the Innocent:

Sorcerer – Lamenting of the Innocent

Their 2017 album “The Crowning of the Fire King” was a really good piece of epic doom metal with a lot of heavy and just a smidge of power blended in. I’m sure this one will be decent as well.

Few things are better than learning that a band you’ve recently discovered is releasing a new album. I was introduced to Sorcerer only last year, but I immediately fell for they epic, imposing sound. I’m sure this new album won’t be disappointing.

Rick is looking forward to Grave Digger’s Fields of Blood:

Grave Digger – Fields of Blood

The latest Grave Digger releases have been unremarkable to say the least, but the excitement for new music will never go away. Maybe it’s the hope for a pleasurable surprise, or simply the perspective of a solid, yet standard, metal album to spend an hour with; so, no matter what, a new album by this German quartet will always be welcome.

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