Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – March, 1st

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Connor is looking forward to Mark Morton’s Anesthetic and Queensr├┐che’s The Verdict:

Mark Morton – Anesthetic

The Lamb of God guitarist’s first solo album should be tempting for fans of groovy, riff-driven metal, and features a myriad of high-profile guest performances.

Queensr├┐che – The Verdict

35 years after their debut, the progressive metal veterans are releasing their 16th studio album, with faster tempos and singer Todd La Torre on drums.

Eric and Leon are looking forward to Pissgrave’s Posthumous Humiliation:

Pissgrave – Posthumous Humiliation

Pissgrave is some of the nastiest of the nasty. This band is beyond any description other than, “you gotta hear this shit”. The tracks that have been released on Bandcamp are brutally heavy, leading to Posthumous Humiliation being one of my most anticipated records of this year. Look at the album art, and that will give you an idea of what you’re in for.

A band that sounds exactly like their name does. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is for the listener’s tastes to decide.

Ethan is looking forward to Frozen Soul’s Encased in Ice:

Frozen Soul – Encased in Ice

Maggot Stomp is at it again with another dose of grimy death metal. Frozen Soul has the old-school and disgusting sound that Maggot Stomp is known for. At this point, just mash the pre-order button as soon as anything appears.

JP is looking forward to Darkwater’s Human:

Darkwater – Human

For those who are a fan of the Dream Theater sound, I highly suggest you check out this album! Human is a super melodic and progressive album that is very complex in such a way that it is easily digestible. The musicality shown on this record is off the roof!

Leon is looking forward to ORO’s Djupets Kall:

ORO – Djupets Kall

A post-metal throwback to the glory days that doesn’t offer anything new, but at the same time certainly isn’t an uninspired retread of old ideas. ORO knows what makes post-metal tick, and their debut delivers a compelling and enjoyable experience that will certainly please old fans of the style and maybe even convince some new ones.

Rutger is looking forward to Devil Master’s Satan Spits on Children of Light:

Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light

Devil Master is a band with influences from punk and black metal. To me, quite an unusual cobination, but based on the two singles that are already available on Bandcamp, they seem to make it work. It seems like nice upbeat music with a good dose of misanthropia and nihilism, sounds just right!

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