Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – March, 11th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Jared is looking forward to In Aphelion’s Moribund:

In Aphelion – Moribund

A black metal side project featuring members of Necrophobic and Cryptosis; this record has been delayed for what seems like months, but it is finally due to release this Friday. Anything that sounds like Necrophobic is a win in my book, so I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Leon is looking forward to Arkaik’s Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts, Konvent’s Call Down The Sun, and Besna’s Zverstv√°:

Arkaik – Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts

Arkaik have always been firmly ‘decent’ for me, but who knows, maybe they put out a truly great record. Also I wonder whether the album title is a reference to pac-man.

Konvent – Call Down The Sun

An all-female death doom outfit whose 2020’s “Puritan Masochism” was pretty good. Here’s to another decent record.

Besna – Zverstv√°

Slovakian melodic black metal with some post-metal elements. The singles were good stuff, I’ll definitely check out the whole deal.

Nathan is looking forward to Messa’s Close:

Messa – Close

Messa create fasciniating doom metal, and their new record features some pretty fantastic vocals. Excited to see what everyone’s thoughts are on this.

Rutger is looking forward to Ghost’s Impera:

Ghost – Impera

Ghost are back with their fifth studio record. Up to now, their discography has been solid, so I’m looking forward to hearing the next album.

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