Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – June, 5th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

JP is looking forward to Currents’ The Way It Ends, End’s Splinters from an Ever-Changing Face, and Ebonivory’s The Long Dream I:

Currents – The Way It Ends

These guys blew up with the release of The Place I Feel Safest, a stellar technical metalcore record. The Way It Ends is the musical successor to their previous EP, which appears to focus more on straight forward, melodic songwriting as opposed to that sweet blistering techincality. Despite preferring that technical flavor when it comes to this group, I am eager to hear how this will turn out.

End – Splinters from an Ever-Changing Face

This supergroup featuring members fo Fit For an Autopsy, Counterparts, Misery Signals, and others are here to drop their gruesome debut LP. Their EP was disgustingly heavy and I have faith this will be even more devastating.

Ebonivory – The Long Dream I

I haven’t heard of these guys until they were announced to tour with Caligula’s Horse and Moon Tooth and I honestly don’t know how I overlooked these guys. If you dig some groovy and incredibly melodic progressive metal/rock, you won’t want to sleep on this release!

JP and Sean are looking forward to The Ghost Inside’s The Ghost Inside:

The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside

This is a special release, given that this melodic hardcore group was involved in an accident that took several lives, including the bands tour bus driver. The band members themselves barely made out it, but were in no shape to make music or even continue their normal lives from them on. 5 years since this tragic accident, against all odds TGI are back to bring us new music and I couldn’t be happier to have them back.

Metalcore is not my thing, really at all, but I am so happy these dudes were able to make it through the past 5 years without losing their drive. I plan on giving this a listen justly to support these guys.

Sean is looking forward to Exhumed/Gruesome’s Split:

Exhumed/Gruesome – Split

A split album by two bands that both feature extreme metals hardest working man, Matt Harvey. Gruesome is Shuldiner worship at its finest and if you dont know Exhumed at this point then you are seriously fucking up. This is sure to be a fun collection of songs to add to the already stellar output by these two bands.

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