Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – June, 4th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Chaz is looking forward to Starlight Ritual’s Sealed in Starlight:

Starlight Ritual – Sealed in Starlight

A hulking mass of heavy metal riffs provides solid ground for newcomer Damian Ritual’s daring, high-flying vocals. A must listen for fans of Dio, Accept, and Grim Reaper.

Leon is looking forward to Red Fang’s Arrows, Cloak of Altering’s Sheathed Swords Drip With Poisonous Honey, Ancient Wisdom’s A Celebration in Honor of Death, and Boss Keloid’s Family the Smiling Thrush:

Red Fang – Arrows

It’s Relapse’s darling, Red Fang out with a new record. People weren’t really keen on their last one, 2016’s “Only Ghosts”, but I liked it. This one presented itself with singles that had some… interesting production choices, but we’ll see when the full thing comes out.

Cloak of Altering – Sheathed Swords Drip With Poisonous Honey

It’s Maurice de Jong again with one of his many side-projects (you might know him best from Gnaw Their Tongues) here to wreck your brains again with his utterly unapproachable experimental metal. Some noise, some industrial, some black metal, some whatever the hell Maurice feels like.

Ancient Wisdom – A Celebration in Honor of Death

A band that made some excellent symphonic black metal back in the 90’s/early 2000’s, reappears out of nowhere sounding like it hasn’t lost a single bit of quality. Yes, please.

Boss Keloid – Family the Smiling Thrush

Pssst, hey kid. You wanna listen to some gnarly stoner-prog? Say no more. Boss Keloid got you covered.

Rick is looking forward to Rhapsody Of Fire’s I’ll Be Your Hero EP:

Rhapsody Of Fire – I’ll Be Your Hero EP

As much as it is difficult to keep up with all the various incarantions of Rhapsody, I still love them dearly and I can’t resist their baroque melodies and solos. The latest album was kind of a hit and miss though, so I hope that these new songs bring some redemption.

Rutger is looking forward to Van Canto’s To the Power of Eight:

Van Canto – To the Power of Eight

Though I don’t listen to Van Canto too often, their way of translating metal to a capella music (only accompanied by a drummer) always impresses me. So I’m curious to hear the new material on this record.

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