Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – March 24th

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Xysma – No Place Like Alone

Some odd music that’s more rock than metal. At first listen this record actively repulsed me, but I found myself drawn back in and can get quite engrossed in it now.

Shores Of Null – The Loss Of Beauty

There’s some solid anguish on this record, which will not be surprising to anyone who has listened to a Shores Of Null record before. This is on the level of their previous releases, and will be talked about as one of the top-shelf doom releases of the year come December.

Hellcrash – Demonic Assassination

A fun blackened speed record that is exactly as serious as you think it is from looking at the album cover. Good riffs, high energy.

Décryptal – Sabazios Culte

Some dense, descending death metal. Short and intense.

Angerot – The Profound Recreant

Angerot are always good for some solid, boiled down death metal, and The Profound Recreant holds up to their previous releases. This band is quietly assembling one of the more consistent discographies in the genre.

Categoy VI – Firecry

The Heart cover just gets right to the point. High energy power metal with a message. “Being told to shut up my whole life backfired,” according to the vocalist. And spectacularly backfire it did, as the forty minutes of punching power metal are seriously juiced up by the conviction behind the songs.

Firmament – We Don’t Rise We Just Fall

Some Dying Victims Productions heavy metal. For a debut record, this sounds quite polished.

Spectral Lore – 11 days

It’s actually an EP, despite being 40 minutes, and it was released on Tuesday for reasons that I’m sure make sense to someone. But this is another solid release from one of atmospheric black metal’s best artists. This deserves more love than it’s gotten so far.