Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – June, 10th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Leon is looking forward to Tardigrada’s Widrstand, and Inanimate Existence’s The Masquerade:

album cover
Tardigrada – Widrstand

The depressive black metal tag gets thrown around with Tardigrada, and while it certainly fits to some extent with their approach to melody, their last year’s album “Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit” had a huge and overwhelming sound that you don’t find often in this downtrodden genre. The single for this one, however, sports a much rawer production. Should be an interesting listen.

album cover
Inanimate Existence – The Masquerade

Inanimate Existence is a band you can count on. With the past couple of albums they affirmed a very tight approach to songwriting and production. The results are consistently solid tech death. And what do you know, the singles promise exactly that once again.

Rick is looking forward to and Kreator’s Hate Über Alles:

album cover
Kreator – Hate Über Alles

Kreator in the third millenium have brought their thrash sound into new territories with a strong melodic side and a bigger attention to production for crisp yet ultra-violent sound. Ageing like fine wine, their last two albums have been incredible and my favourite from the band too; no doubt this one will be a worthy successor.

Rutger is looking forward to and Svart Crown’s Les terres brûlées:

album cover
Svart Crown – Les terres brûlées

Svart Crown always impresses me with their intense black metal. Their discogrsphy is pretty impressive, so I’m curious what their new EP will be like.