Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – July, 2nd

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Leon is looking forward to Year of No Light’s Consolamentum, and Dream Tröll’s Realm of the Tormentör:

Year of No Light – Consolamentum

YoNL used to be at the top of the post-metal game, but unfortunately we haven’t heard a full length from them since 2013. Now on Pelagic Records, as they should be, we get their fifth full length. High hopes for this one.

Dream Tröll – Realm of the Tormentör

As one knows, the more unnecessary umlauts a metal band has, they’re more likely to be good. This is Dream Tröll’s third full length and its a good pick if you’re looking for a fun heavy metal/hard rock record.

Rick is looking forward to Nanowar Of Steel’s Italian Folk Metal, and At The Gates’ Nightmare Of Being:

Nanowar Of Steel – Italian Folk Metal

These guys have been around for almost 20 years now, yet they only recently have achieved a tangible international success; this will be their first album released on Napalm Records. Their signature sound is a classic heavy/power metal, perfectly aware of its stereotypes, mixed with ferocious parody, witty puns and a relentless playful attitude; for years the music component suffered the lack of proper means – now it’s time for large-scale things.

At the Gates – Nightmare of Being

At The Gates need no introduction when it comes to melodeath – and their history alone is enough to justify every ounce of anticipation surrounding their newest release. For me, I’d add that To Drink From The Night Itself, their previous album, is one of my all-time favourite melodeath records, and the follow-up of a beloved album is always a hot subject to handle.

Rutger is looking forward to Noctambulist’s The Barren Form:

Noctambulist – The Barren Form

Back in 2019 when I got to review Noctambulist’s previous record, I was intrigued by their technical black/death metal. I haven’t heard anything from this record yet, but I’m looking forward to hearing the album.

Sean is looking forward to At the Gates’ Nightmare of Being:

At the Gates – Nightmare of Being

While they haven’t been ever to quite reach the hights of Slaughter of the Soul since their return, At the Gates continue to put out killer music time and time again. Not much else to say here. This is one of my favorite bands so I will anticipate everything they put out.

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