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Upcoming Albums – February, 22nd

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Eric is looking forward to Nasheim’s Jord och aska:

Nasheim – Jord och aska

Black metal from musician E. Grahn. This is going to be an epic melodic black metal record, and the first song, a twenty minute track, is up on bandcamp now. It’s filled with amazing guitar work and howling screams, exactly how I like it. I can’t wait.

Ethan is looking forward to Abyssic ‘s High The Memory, and Basilysk ‘s Emergence:

Abyssic – High The Memory

Symphonic, orchestral, and progressive Funeral Doom that employs unusual instruments like the melotron, minimoog, and an upright bass. The full picture creating by these vastly different instruments is remarkably cohesive and fitting.

Basilysk – Emergence

Thrashy Black Metal that is all about the riffs! Well-written songs with enough repetition to be memorable but the drums sprint off into rapid fills to keep things interesting.

JP is looking forward to King Apathy’s Wounds:

King Apathy – Wounds

This album is without a doubt going to put this band on the map. I was first intrigued seeing that stunningly detailed album artwork and it drove me to check out the singles. If you are into any sort of atmospheric/melodic metal, then this is an album to keep on your radar!

Leon is looking forward to Candlemass’s The Door to Doom, and Overkill’s The Wings of War:

Candlemass – The Door to Doom

Johan Längquist, the vocalist of Candlemass’s genre definining “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” returns for another full album. The Door to Doom is worth a spin on this fact alone.

Overkill – The Wings of War

Overkill are one of the original thrash bands and with a longevity like no other. This is their 19th album, and yes, it’s probably gonna rip.

Rutger is looking forward to Antre’s Void:

Antre – Void

The atmospheric black metal band from England releases their first full-length album this friday (the 22nd). They already release one track on Bandcamp and the TRVE KVLT Black Metal influences are promising for how the rest of the album is gonna be.

Spenser is looking forward to Dream Theater’s Distance Over Time, and Rhapsody of Fire’s The Eighth Mountain:

Dream Theater – Distance Over Time

I am not ashamed of the fact that I am a Dream Theater fanboi. So, to say that I am excited for this album is a bit of an understatement. The three singles have been promising so far, further adding to my anticipation for what will most likely be an incredible album.

Rhapsody of Fire – The Eighth Mountain

Is there any band better at telling fantasy stories than these guys? That’s up for debate, but regardless, they are still coming out with a new album that is bound to take us on another wonderful adventure.

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