Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – December, 6th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Josh is looking forward to La Torture des Tenebres’ IV – Memoirs of a Machine Girl (Reissue):

La Torture des Tenebres – IV – Memoirs of a Machine Girl

Not exactly a new release, but La Torture des Tenebres are reissuing their brilliant IV – Memiors of a Machine Girl so that we can all finally enjoy it in full analogue sound. For those who don’t know, La Torture des Tenebres are an ambient blackened noise project straight out of French Canada. Their sound is harsh and not always easy to listen to, but my god does it just wash over you and crush you with its hostility and painful crying out. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and listen to these folks closely.

Nathan is looking forward to Fen’s The Dead Light:

Fen – The Dead Light

Fen is an atmospheric black metal band who most recently released the excellent album Winter. Hopefully The Dead Light can match their last album.

Rick is looking forward to Running Wild’s Crossing the Blades EP:

Running Wild – Crossing the Blades EP

Their latest album was an amazing one, and I quite liked the singles. Let’s see what Running Wild has been up to.

Rutger is looking forward to Unbegotten’s Manifestation, and Sun of the Sleepless / Cavernous Gate’s Split:

Unbegotten – Manifestation

Unbegotten is yet another addition to the ever-growing Spanish (black) metal scene. The band members prefer to stay anonymous, but they sure make some really good black metal. Looking forward to this release.

Sun of the Sleepless – Cavernous Gate – Split

This self-titled black metal / ambient split is made by multi-instrumentalist Schwadorf together with his long-time friend, S.K. Lyrically based on German Romantic poetry and with musical roots in 90’s black metal, this is a promising release.

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