Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums 11/10/23

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Jared is looking forward to:

Left Cross – Upon Desolated Altars

Some ass-kicking Richmond, VA death metal on Profound Lore Records, with the drummer from Antichrist Siege Machine.

Vastum – Inward To Gethsemane

Fifth album from San Francisco death metal band Vastum, featuring members of Mortuous, Necrot, and Ulthar.

Nathan is looking forward to:

Aglo – Build Fear

Some fun death metal from Australia. This packs a punch and sounds very well edited for a debut full-length.

Sodom – 1982 EP

Sodom has been on a tear, I’ve really enjoyed their EPs and Genesis XIX was solid as well. Anyways, you know what Sodom sounds like, check this out because it’s more Sodom.

Death Magick – Demo MMXXIII

Another surprise from another young death metal band, this time from Israel. Hopefully this demo foretells a full-length soon.

Mephorash – Krystl-AH

Easily the best release of the week and a worthy follow-up to Shem Ha Mephorash. This band plays spooky black metal, and do so with their whole heart. Somewhat similar to bands like Dordeduh or The Ruins Of Beverast at times, and with similar results.