Heavy Metal Saved My Life Documentary

This summer I was involved in a German Documentary, which has been recently released. A brief insight into how this music can, and does, have a huge impact into people’s life, especially the ones who feel are outcasts.

I never thought my life to be particularly different or interesting to anyone. Nor that my involvement with metal music was something extraordinary. As it turns out, it makes for a pretty good story.

When I was around twelve, I heard a song called Redeemer of Souls by a certain band called Judas Priest. Coincidentally, around that age, I also realized I was transgender.

I won’t spoil how this story goes on, but you can guess where it led me, as today I am here, alive and well despite hardships. And I can guarantee I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this music, which has always supported and welcomed me, in a community of underdogs ready to support each other. Even when it comes to things I was sure people weren’t going to accept me for.

This story ends in a little village in northern Germany, among a roaring crowd in front of a stage.

It’s the story of how Heavy Metal Saved My Life.

The documentary tells many other stories as well, and it features some pretty important guys as well! Gaahl (ex-Gorgoroth and many more) and Roddy Bottoms (Faith No More) are in episode 2, same as me; in episode 1 you’ll find Bruce Dickinson himself!

Heavy Metal Saved My Life is available in both English and German on ARD Mediathek, for free. A
heartfelt thank
you to Andreas Krieger and Mariska Lief, not to mention the wonderful crews who
made this possible!