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Album of the Month – June, 2019

Every month we collect our favorite albums of the month. Here’s the playlist with our favorite songs:

And here are our favorite albums of June:


Ashbringer – Absolution

This shoegazy post-black album is the perfect record for summer. Dreamy soundscapes, beautiful passages, and raw grunting. Definitely worth a spin!


Pelican – Nighttime Stories

Instrumental post-metal with great guitar textures. Unlike other post-metal albums it is still heavy and crunchy.


Nucleus – Entity

Death Metal with Demilich-leaning tendencies, check, spacey theme with awesome artwork, check. Nucleus have grown a lot from their previous work; this release finding their riffs more unusual and technical, without losing their osdm roots. Entity stands out, only slightly above seven other excellent tracks, as an entry point to their new and improved sound.


Abyssal – A Beacon in the Husk

From the depths of blackened death/doom metal, Abyssal has churned out a dark, brooding, desolate, dense, and cavernous album that takes you on a torturous yet melodic journey into the sub-conscious. As daunting as it may seem, this album is powerful and executed with perfection. Each song builds on its discordant foundations, leading to a delicious finale that demands repeat listens. This album demands undivided attention from the listener, and it is truly a unique auditory experience.


Majestica – Above The Sky

Epic is a word that’s thrown around a lot, but this album really is epic. It’s heavy with catchy Symphonic Power Metal riffs and choruses you can’t help but sing. My favorite song off of the album is the title track. The bass intro and solo in the middle of the song is ridiculous and Tommy Johansson hits high notes I could never hit. I tried and sounded like a wounded cat.


Thank You Scientist – Terraformer

This album has the band take a more jazzy approach to their music while also maintaining the quirky progginess that they are known for.


The Meads of Asphodel – Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing

The album combines different styles of music in an organic way and maintains the listeners interest throughout. You don’t know what to expect, but the outcome sounds eargasmic nonetheless.


Victims – The Horse and Sparrow Theory

A short, but incredibly powerful crust record. It’ll make you lose all hope for mankind, in a good way, in just under 30 minutes.

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