Album of the Month

Albums Of The Month May 2024

Here are our favorite releases of May 2024:


Aquilus – Bellum II

Bellum I was my first positive review for the site, and it was a triumphant return for Aquilus, who had layed dormant for a decade prior. The awaited sequel and conclusion to the Bellum duology continues right where Aquilus left off, with grandiose compositions, haunting atmospheres and gorgeous melody writing. Aquilus have firmly cemented themselves as the premiere classical-infused black metal band for me, and this duology of albums only adds to their legacy.

Primitive Warfare – Extinction Protocol

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’ve been on a war metal kick lately. First Antichrist Siege Machine and now Primitive Warfare, there’s something about the combination of unforgiving brutality and modern audio clarity on these albums that appeals to me a lot. Absolutely wonderful.

Thou – Umbilical

An absolutely massive release at the tail end of the month from the prolific sludge legends Thou. This record has them sounding bigger and badder than ever, and it easily shakes down as one of their best releases to date.


My Silent Wake – Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief

An evocative trip through fading beauty and the despair that comes with loss, MSW’s new album is a testament to years of dedication to the band’s musical craft. A slab of death/doom that will capture listeners for years to come, the album’s atmosphere is drenched in melancholy.


Beaten To Death – Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis

Silly and serious, Beaten To Death have created some great music over the last decade and a half. The band goes to some weird places, but never overdoes their goofiness. The cover art evokes Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis quite well: bright colors, some weird stuff going on, but detailed and evocative.