Album of the Month

Albums Of The Month February 2024

Here are our favorite releases of February 2024:


Spectral Voice – Sparagmos

I wasn’t sold on Spectral Voice’s past works, but this record won me over- it’s haunting, suffocating, and crushingly heavy. It borders on funeral doom atmosphere but with a persistent sense of menace.


Darkspace – Darkspace -II

Darkspace continues to feel entrancing and all-enveloping. This music captures me in a way that feels more than music, like a book that pulls you into its world and leaves a part of you missing when you finish. The weakness here is that this only really works for me with Darkspace -II when taken as a part of a larger saga and going through a Darkspace discography run. By itself, Darkspace -II remains a solid album and a good example of how to do atmoblack right.

Stellar Remains – Wastelands

And Stellar Remains is a good example of how to do Timeghoul right. It’s proggy death metal, it’s fun, it’s concise, it’s engaging. I already gushed about this album enough when it came out. I’ve kept listening to and enjoying Steller Remains. Can’t wait to see what this band does next.