Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – October, 14th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Jared is looking forward to Mother of Graves’ Where the Shadows Adorn, Ripped to Shreds’ 劇變 (Jubian), Daeva’s Through Sheer Will and Black Magic, Vacuous’ Dreams of Dysphoria, and Vicissitude’s Neolithic Necrocannibals:

album cover
Mother of Graves – Where the Shadows Adorn

Some death/doom that follows closely in the Peaceville Three sound. Could be very good.

album cover
Ripped to Shreds – 劇變 (Jubian)

Another banger by Andrew Lee.

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Daeva – Through Sheer Will and Black Magic

Some insane black/thrash coming out on 20 Buck Spin. Looking forward to this one.

album cover
Vacuous – Dreams of Dysphoria

A short, monumental death metal record by some rookies out of London. Look out for my review of this one.

album cover
Vicissitude – Neolithic Necrocannibals

Absolutely monstrous black/death metal. The single from this one ripped my face off.

Rick is looking forward to and Bloody Hammers’ Washed In The Blood:

album cover
Bloody Hammers – Washed In The Blood

Bloody Hammers play a neck-smashing mix of hard rock and doom metal – this is the pefect release to get into the Halloween spirit if you’re behind schedule