Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – November, 11th

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

Jared is looking forward to Starfield’s Confluence of Two Stars, Kampfar’s Til klovers takt, Encryptment’s Dödens Födsel, Malist’s As I Become Darkness, Dream Unending’s Song of Salvation, and Eye of Doom’s The Sapient:

album cover
Starfield – Confluence of Two Stars

Sci-fi themed atmospheric black metal. Need I say more?

album cover
Kampfar – Til klovers takt

Veteran pagan black metallers Kampfar are releasing their ninth full length. I still need to dive into their back catalog, but this will be a good place to start.

album cover
Encryptment – Dödens Födsel

Some crusty, grindy death metal from Sweden. The single off this one was very promising, so it’s likely gonna rip.

album cover
Malist – As I Become Darkness

One-man black metal out of Russia from established project Malist, who dropped a great record back in 2021. A gorgeous cover art as always.

album cover
Dream Unending – Song of Salvation

Featuring members of Innumerable Forms and Tomb Mold, this doom project took the underground by storm when it debuted last year. While I may not entirely get the hype, I’m looking forward to trying out their sophomore effort.

album cover
Eye of Doom – The Sapient

Stoner doom can easily grow boring, but these guys inject a healthy amount of heavy metal songwriting into the formula and keep things interesting.