Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – March, 18th

Jared is looking forward to Aktarum’s Trollvengers, Black Fucking Cancer’s Procreate Inverse, and Aeviterne’s The Ailing Facade:

Aktarum – Trollvengers

When it comes to dumb folk metal, Aktarum are one of the dumbest – and it’s the best. Every single one of their songs, from all their albums, contains the word “troll” in the title, many of which are puns. Musically it’s nothing incredible, but conceptually it’s so stupid you can’t help but like it.

Black Fucking Cancer – Procreate Inverse

Weird band name aside, this San Jose black metal outfit is creating some seriously violent stuff, and I can’t wait to hear the full thing.

Aeviterne – The Ailing Facade

New York City has a knack for spawning some of the weirdest experimental death metal you can find, and Aeviterne is a new addition to that camp. The single on their Bandcamp brings to mind Portal meets Imperial Triumphant, with an incredibly bleak and spooky album cover to boot. Looking forward to hearing the full thing, even if it might be outside my comfort zone.

Leon is looking forward to Zwaard’s Bloed en Wijn:

Zwaard – Bloed en Wijn

First black metal EP from an unknown artist. Wouldn’t mind this usually but it being Dutch, who’ve set a high standard on BM recently, was just enough to give it a go. Delightfully raw and atmospheric, my kinda thing.

Nathan is looking forward to Extinction A.D.’s Culture Of Violence:

Extinction A.D. – Culture Of Violence

Singles are promising, and Unique Leader typically releases records that are at least worth checking out.

Rutger is looking forward to Dark Funeral’s We Are the Apocalypse:

Dark Funeral – We Are the Apocalypse

Swedish black metal icons Dark Funeral are back with their seventh studio record. I’m curious to hear what they’ve done in the six years since their previous full-length.

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