Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – February 24th

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Merlock – Onward Strides Colossus

Merlock’s second full-length release contains some weighty, heavy doom that spends most of its time looking inwards. Onward Strides Colossus contains some massive tracks and takes full use of its time to flesh out the world within the music.

Festerdecay – Reality Rotten To The Core

Japanese goregrind from Everlasting Spew Records. I don’t know what more you need, if any of that is up your alley check this out.

Oerheks – Landschapsanachronismen

Oerheks is a young atmospheric black metal band, and this is their second demo. They’ve made some intriguing and expansive music, and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.

Sarcoptes – Prayers To Oblivion

Transcending Obscurity is on an absolute tear to start the year, and Sarcoptes continues their path. This is well-produced and ambitious black metal, and my favorite release of the week.

Host – IX

I don’t know why they named their debut release “IX”, but whatever. This is dark music from a new Paradise Lost offshoot. I’m more into this than most actual Paradise Lost albums.

Insomnium – Anno 1696

There is no way to avoid this band or their influence in the melodic death metal scene, and that’s for the better. You already know everything you want to know about Insomnium. This is just another solid release from one of the most consistent pillars of the genre.