Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – August, 2nd

Here are Metal Utopia’s most anticipated albums of the week!

JP is looking forward to Humanity’s Last Breath’s Abyssal, and Northlane’s Alien:

Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal

Time to throw yourself into this utterly sinister and chaotic beast that is Abyssal. HLB is back, sounding even more evil and heavier than ever. If you haven’t had your fix of technical death metal, this is something for you, especially if you enjoy Vildhjarta!

Northlane – Alien

There comes a time in which metalcore has something interesting to come out of it, which is very rare; Alien being one of those things. Progressive metalcore Aussie outfit have crafted something unique, with that being a metalcore album that tastefully has industrial, electronic, and nu-metal influences while being a solid metalcore album. As of now, the singles do not sound gimmicky at all and provides insight to what this record really is about.

Leon is looking forward to Finsterforst’s Zerfall, and Grima’s Will of the Primordial:

Finsterforst – Zerfall

Folk metal had a really good time last decade, with many european bands jumping up delivering quality goods. But many got kinda lost after the first boom and slowly degraded in quality or started doing booze-themed festival-fodder party songs. Finsterforst is from around that time – let’s see if they still got it.

Grima – Will of the Primordial

(Release date – 3.8.) Gimme that cold, raw, melodic nature atmoblack any day of the year. Maybe especially in these scalding summer days.

Matthew is looking forward to Narnia’s From Darkness to Light:

Narnia – From Darkness to Light

This Swedish power metal band has been around since 1996, and while their lineup has changed more than once, they’ve always released solid albums with memorable choruses and powerful riffs. The band name itself is a reference to C.S. Lewis’s fantasy series of the same name. It’s been 3 years since their last album, so I’m really looking forward to what the band has in store.

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