Upcoming Albums

Upcoming Albums – August 11

Here are our most anticipated releases of the week!

Kataklysm – Goliath

It’s Kataklysm. Big, heavy death metal. Always worth a shot. Not much more to say, some great riffs and questionable production wrapped up in a sound that is unapologetically death metal.

Claret Ash – Worldtorn: Anemoia

There are some labels that I always pay attention to, even when the actual material can be hit or miss. Hypnotic Dirge is one of them. Even though I don’t enjoy everything in this label’s style, it’s always interesting and engaging. Claret Ash’s new release keeps me nodding along, despite being a 40-minute EP with some odd song choices. I don’t know if I’ll love this release, but I’m glad I listened to it and you should to.

Runespell – Shores of Nastrond

The label claims that “Runespell should require little introduction,” but I’m glad they introduced themselves anyways because I had never heard of this engaging black metal group. They play stretched out, pseudo-atmospheric black metal that still feels purposeful and driven.