Bosparans Fall Interview

Hailing from Germany, Bosparans Fall is a melodeath band whose debut album is fresh off the press. With a unique RPG theme and tasty riffs, these guys are ready for battle. We had a chat together right after the album release.

Hello, this is Rick! Who am I talking to, what do you play in the band?

Hi Rick, we are Peter, playing the bass guitar and our singer Jonas.

A bit of band history: Bosparans Fall was born in 2021 from the ashes of Dead Sunday; why this complete rebirth?

After the two and a half lost years of the pandemic, we decided to go further and work harder on the band. On this way, we came to the decision to break with the old stuff and go on a new path. The fascination about the role playing game Das Schwarze Auge and making music let us to combine the two things.

Other than Dead Sunday, which published just a demo, did you all have previous experience? Or is this your first time going all in with a full-length?

Peter: We made with my old band Embers Fire two homebrew records, but it’s the first time with a label and a professional studio mix.

Jonas: I don’t have more serious experience in band life than Dead Sunday.

You describe yourself as RPG melodic death metal; I’m curious about the RPG part: why did you choose this theme, and this particular game, Das Schwarze Auge?

There are many viking or medival theme bands out there, which we prefer to listen to. The game Das Schwarze Auge gives us even more possibilities to split reality and fantasy. For us, the imagination of another world gives us so much space to be creative and so we chose to combine our two hobbies.

Your debut album Götterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten tells an epic story through ten songs in classic melodeath, battle-metal style, not unlike Amon Amarth. What’s the plot about? And how did you coordinate the musical part of each song with its corresponding lyrics and story?

We have been playing DSA since two decades and it have taken a big part of our lifes. We like the stories we have created in our imaginations and we try to transfer into our music. Our song Firun for example, with its windy background and a cold bass intro gives the imagination of a cold and hard area and the merciless nature of the north. The lyrics substantiate the music and our metaplot of the world.

Setting aside the theme for a bit, Bosparans Fall is super solid musically too, with a meticulously crafted low-BPM melodeath. How do you avoid the gimmick from taking over the music?

Beause we define ourselves as a RPG Band, we try to play with the gimmick. If we would separate the music and the fantasy behind, we personally not stand for glorifying war, battles, plunder and Praios Inquisition. For us, this has to stay in the DSA bubble. Furthermore we want to create songs about the whole Pantheon, for example Peraine, the god of agriculture and medicine. In this case, we have to combine the musical seriousness and the gimmick for all of our songs.

Standard question: you’re going to play a couple of festivals this summer, Aaargh, Ahau and Benji; future plans for a tour, maybe supporting other bands?

Our future plans are to play between six and twelve gigs a year. We may have some smaller events, but we are not sure if we play them, ’cause family life comes first. A tour is planned for next year, but there are no concrete locations and dates yet to publish. We want to take it slow and steady this time, not like our previous band and play every gig we can get…

A huge thank you to Peter, Jonas and everyone in Bosparans Fall! Götterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten was released on May 26th 2023: buy it on Bandcamp! Follow the band on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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